Smart LED International Ltd. , founded in 2013, is located in Shenzhen, known as the China LED Center, and is committed to providing energy saving and environmentally friendly lighting solutions, products and services in a green and sustainable way. Through the application research of LED lighting products and solar energy products, wel produce lighting products and power generation systems that are as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, and export them to the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries, and undertake OEM lighting engineering and new energy power generation engineering customized product solutions.

The company's products have two large series.

The first series is commercial lighting, engineering lighting and risidential lighting with LED as the light source. Specifically, LED fluorescent lamp, LED panel lamp, LED floodlight, LED downlight, LED bulb, LED industrial light, LED downlight, LED corn light, LED soft light strip, LED module, LED gas station light, LED Tunnel lights, LED three lights, etc.

The second largest series is a power generation solution and lighting solution for solar power generation. The solar lighting scheme specifically includes  solar LED street light system,  solar LED garden light system,  integrated solar LED street light, etc.;   solar power generation system, including  small household off-grid power generation system, large commercial off-grid power generation system, and large industrial grid-connected power generation system, etc. .


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